A downloadable asset pack

Download includes approx. 88 tiles, as well as a reference image to see how they can be used. These assets are public domain and free to use on whatever you want, personal or commercial. Enjoy <3

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AuthorAdam Saltsman
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Tilemap, Tileset


facility.zip 15 kB


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Loving you and your work for 10+ years.


This would be great for a Jurassic Park styled metroidvania, I know it isn't well liked but JP2: The Chaos Continues comes to mind, as it was one of my favorite games growing up on the snes...

Looks awesome, thank you! Do you require credit in potential released projects?


Like most of my other asset packs these are public domain so nothing is required, there is no license or anything. Credit is always cool!! But mostly cuz i enjoy seeing whatever they get used in :)


I do wish you’d use the CC0 though. As this review of the CC0 explains, in jurisdictions not descended from the British legal system, saying “public domain” may not have any legal meaning.

The example they study is Germany, where there’s no legal mechanism for putting things into the public domain prematurely (the CC0 has an “if that’s not possible” fallback that provides equivalent permissions as a license) and you can’t pre-emptively give away rights that are written into law later (the CC0 solves that with a legally binding promise to not exercise those rights).


Looks great, TMNT or Batman for NES vibe! Thank you so much for sharing 


both of those games are big inspirations to me! good eye and thank you for the kind words <3