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10 or 12 years ago I made a little 8x8 SMB tileset for a TIGSource project called Balding's Quest. For the 35th anniversary I tried another 8x8 SMB approach, but this time with more... something. Less something? Different anyways. The original SMB has such a weird and specific mood and feel. It's interesting that it can be elaborated on and explored in a way that is unique to itself, instead of ... I guess, what if it was more dedicated to how it looked originally? Would that be interesting? We would have missed out on a lot. But I love this weird empty place, this more alien and bare kingdom of mushrooms. idk

I used an approximation of the original NES color restrictions, but deliberately and i think successfully ignored every actual hardware palette restriction otherwise lol

Either way, thanks, SMB. Happy anniversary, and thanks for everything.

Download includes approx. 80 tiles, as well as a reference image to see how they can be used. These assets are public domain and free to use on whatever you want, personal or commercial. Enjoy <3

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AuthorAdam Saltsman
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Tileset


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